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    The Need for Using Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool for Businesses

    Rules are meant to be broken, they say. However, what is the use of breaking the rules if doing so only gives you trouble? The wiser amongst us are those who know how to thrive by bending and manipulate what holds them down. These are the influencers, who paved their paths by breaking off the shackle.

    For the longest of times, Wikipedia has been used as an informative tool, it has had nothing to do with marketing, and it had maintained a standard when it came to credibly and authenticity. However, this hardwired standard for delivering unbiased, neutral, and informative content is what makes Wikipedia a clean marketing platform for businesses and brands.

    Wikipedia is Not Your Soapbox

    Every website that maintains a standard for quality has a set of rules with which a content creator needs to comply. Wikipedia has strict copyright rules; it has policies against blatant advertising and promotional content. Publishing promotional content over this platform is not easy.

    Most companies and brands request the assistance of a professional wikipedia page creator for getting their page created. The reasons why businesses invest in having a Wikipedia page and how it works as a promotional tool for them are listed below.

    1. The Wiki Community:

    As Wikipedia is a reliable source, it allows for developing community amongst customers. It can be used as a source form, bringing customers and employees together. That reimbursements everyone who is Involved in this open collaboration; it also provides the contributors with a sense of ownership

    2. The Popularity:

    Wikipedia is the fifth most popular website on the internet. Every day the number of people using wikipedia for research increases. It is not just for students, and it is not only about academic information. Wikipedia has bundles of reliable information for people of every age group. This popularity is the main reason why brand and businesses started considering a Wikipedia page for marketing their product and service.

    3. The Golden Link effect:

    Businesses, which wanted to make their search engine optimization fly, knew they needed a Wikipedia page for marketing their brand at some point. That is all because Wikipedia knows how to stay at the top. When it comes to relevancy Wikipedia pages, appear in the top five searches of the google search engine. Why? That is all thanks to the Wikipedia backlink creation strategy, which makes it seem more authentic and reliable in Google’s eye, and in turn, allows it to sit at the top of the search results.

    Businesspersons are aware of the fact that having a Wikipedia page will their SEO an instant boom! Without having to invest much in useless advertising techniques which never really pay off. 

    The Threatening Cordon

    Wikipedia does not make it easy for people. The guidelines are defined. Using their platform for marketing content or self-promotion will result in rejection and deletion of a Wikipedia page. People cannot use Wikipedia to spam promotional material. A few other things are needed to be considered when writing a wiki-article.
    • Writing in a promotional tone will make the editors delete their page.
    • Articles need to be written in an unbiased tone.
    • There should be a horde of relevant citations for the article written.
    • Articles need to be written in an unbiased tone, from a neutral perspective.
    • Once when your page goes live, it is vulnerable to unwanted edits and vandalism.


    Most companies now have a separate Wikipedia marketing strategy; it is an essential platform for establishing credibly, and brands need that. If a Wikipedia page is used for, marketing and then it should be designed carefully, and it must appear to be as unbiased as possible. Having a Wikipedia marketing plan allows the company to keep their name at the front page of the google search engine, and it helps in directing traffic to their original website.

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