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    How Bank PO Handles Work Pressure?

    The most basic and principal duty of a responsible Bank Probationary Officer (Bank P.O) is to gracefully perform, execute and handle customer services. Therefore, a bank PO has to be efficiently literate enough with knowledge of basic banking activities and products to handle work pressure in his respective bank branch. It is very sensitive as well as delicate workmanship on his part as majority of his duties and responsibilities are linked with customer’s monetary transactions. So, let’s now list out important duties and responsibilities of bank PO and they are as follows:-

    1. Customer Service
    2. Fetching generous business to bank
    3. Dealing in Cash handling
    4. Dealing in Clearance of payment
    5. Successfully supervising clerical work and staff
    6. Handling all the formalities of Loan processing
    In India, the banking hours (9.30 AM to 4.00 PM) is the period where the work pressure is felt by the entire banking staff. The work pressure rises to its extreme when customers have to face the malfunctioning of banking system like software failure, server crashing, lack of staff, load shedding and sometime unruly confrontation between customers and banking staff. The Bank PO has to know and understand all the technicalities of daily activities like issuing of cheque books, ATM cards, demand draft etc. He has to deal with customer’s grievances like delay in cheque books, discrepancies in bank account, rectification of undue charges etc.

    In many bank branches, Bank PO’s complains of heavy work pressure and fails to cope up with it. It is basically a learning experience where Bank PO’s have to testify their patience, self-control, balance of mind in dealing with various types of customers. It’s a challenging phase which delivers a quality of work experience. The work pressure can be physical, mental, geographical and many times interacting with seniors of the branch. The bank PO’s often complains of monotonous tasks, unhygienic environment and uncooperative colleagues. The rise of internet and mobile banking has facilitated many other banking operations and activities and has added to their work profile. The excessive work pressure can often lead to physical or mental disorder. The need of the hour is to become adaptable to the working environment and try to maintain balance between work and home.  

    Besides handsome salary packages, the most unique feature of this job profile is job security and security at the workplace with probabilities of getting promotions at regular interval of working tenure. Commonly speaking, work pressure is referred to as an individual’s reaction and interaction to a challenging or disturbing factor in working environment. So, what is required is a good stress management activity which should work in reducing or managing stress through suitable coping up techniques. In finance oriented sector like banking sector, the work pressure is a common phenomenon and it should be curbed by encouraging and rewarding employees with rewards and awards. It will not only lessen their burden but will also value their contribution with respect. It can be one of the finest mental therapies which can be helpful to get BANK PO COACHING CHENNAI.

    To conclude optimistically, every graduate dreams and desires to be successful Bank PO but it is also important to cope up with work pressure to successfully facilitate out banking activities. As banking sector has grown manifold in last few years, the work pressure has also increased sporadically. For the psychological well-being of Bank PO’s and other banking staff, the banking management should take progressive steps which should mentally nurture them with suitable stress management activities through Bank PO Exam books. So, if you dreams of a generously career with magnanimous benefits then you should be ready to face nightmares of uncertainties and hardships. So, dream big and work hard!

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