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    Fashion Related Jobs in Mumbai in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry

    Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra is one of the best examples as a metropolitan city, after Delhi, with all diversities that best describe India. The city is home to people from different parts of the country, who come to settle down to fulfill their dreams of a prospective life and career. The city is known to be the entertainment, fashion and commercial hub of India. So, jobs in Mumbai in the fashion and entertainment sector is wide and varied.

    Fashion and Entertainment: A Strong Connection-

    The entertainment and the fashion industry in Mumbai have always been interlinked for years. Getting dressed up in a movie/theater or getting dressed up for movie release/award functions or other events led to a strong connection between fashion and entertainment. Today, TV shows, movies, music not only display “creativity” but also fashion and glamor. In other words, fashion also plays an important role in bringing out the “creativity” of entertainment. So, we can safely say that in Mumbai, fashion drives entertainment and vice versa. Thereby, you will come across a variety of fashion jobs in Mumbai in the fashion and entertainment industry.

    Fashion Designing Courses Available in Mumbai-

    If you want to pursue a career in fashion for fashion related jobs in Mumbai, of course you have to be eligible for it. There are many Fashion Designing Colleges in Mumbai in which diploma/certificate/professional courses in fashion are offered that can extend from a period of either 6 months or 3-4 years. This duration depends upon the course, college and specialization opted for. There are post-graduate courses of 2 years as well. Like a normal graduate course, the top fashion designing colleges offer full-time undergraduate courses and you get a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design or Bachelor Degree in Fashion Technology. This makes you eligible to apply for fashion related jobs in Mumbai.

    Eligibility Condition 

    If you want to take up a fashion course, you need to qualify your 10+2 or higher secondary examination (with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate, irrespective of the stream) from a recognized board in India. In addition to this, students should have an artistic bent of mind, should have innovative, creative and aesthetic capabilities and should have interest in colors, styles and shades to be successful in a fashion career. 

    Fashion Jobs in Mumbai in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry

    Fashion and entertainment industry provides a huge range of jobs in Mumbai in which an eligible person can showcase his or her talent and creativity in the best possible way. There are many job opportunities in this sector and we see candidates from a different part of India coming to Mumbai for a viable career option here. 

    Some Popular Specialized Jobs in Mumbai Related to Fashion Designing 

    Eligible candidates can apply for jobs in Mumbai related to fashion designing as follows:
    • Apparel Designer
    • Textile Designer
    • Knitwear Designer
    • Accessory Designer
    • Merchandiser
    • Garment Manufacturing Technologist
    • Fashion Editor
    • Fashion Journalist
    • Dress Designer
    • Footwear designer and many more

    Career Prospects

    The dynamic nature of the fashion industry has opened up diverse jobs in Mumbai. Mumbai, the city of fashion culture, opens up lot many avenues of employment for the right candidates. If you have completed your designing course from any of the reputed designing colleges in Mumbai or outside, you have a bright and secured future as a fashion designer in Mumbai. There are fashion related jobs in Mumbai not only in the entertainment industry but also in buying houses, export houses, textile mills, and even with popular fashion designers as an apprentice for hands-on training. You can be a part of Bollywood or the TV industry, designing dresses or accessories for the actors and actresses. The best part of fashion jobs in Mumbai is that sooner or later you can start your own label, own fashion house and work as your own boss. 
    While entertainment and the fashion industry are definitely two separate entities yet they are interconnected and interdependent. 

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