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    Ultimate Myths Regarding SSC CHSL Exam 2019-20

    Optimism does not wait on myths and facts but deals with prospects. On contrary, a myth is a way of making sense in a senseless world which only exists in our imagination. Blame it on ever-rising competitiveness or exponential rise in number of aspirants in SSC CHSL exam, the sense of dissatisfaction or failure among unsuccessful candidates have given birth to a variety of myths. Before discussing anything, let me tell you friends, optimism is essential to achieve impossible goal and is also foundation of courage and road to success, so firstly be optimistic in your attitude and approach, before laying foundation for your examination preparations.      
    In this article, we will discuss the popular myths about SSC CHSL exam which have looming around candidate’s mind for years. So, let’s discuss it:

    1. SSC CHSL is extremely tough exam and cannot be crack in first attempt
    Firstly, let me reiterate, SSC (Staff Selection Commission) is a Government agency who conducts recruitment drive in the form of competitive exams, helping Indian youth in procuring Government jobs. SSC CHSL exam is the source which delivers hope and expectation to millions of youth of becoming Government employee. Predictably speaking, the rush and craze for these jobs will be phenomenally high and so will be the level of competition. Against all odds, hard work, sincerity and commitment for goal will be the mantra for success, so believe in it and never feel let down by the level of competition. In our student lives, we all have read the subjects and concepts of SSC CHSL well and so it won’t be Greek or Latin for us. As we have read the fundamentals well in our student life, it’s time to brush our memories and try to learn and understand it’s most advanced and diversified form, which will be integral part of the syllabus.

    2. Coaching classes are not mandatory
    In our student’s life, it’s true that classroom sessions have been best source of knowledge to us. But, it’s a pure myth that coaching classes are mandatory to prepare for competitive exam like SSC CHSL exam. The coaching classes can be considered to be most comprehensive source but it’s not a guaranteed plan to success. These classes can impart guidance and education but the most important aspect is candidate’s positive attitude, sincerity and full commitment towards his goal. The weak students are advised to join coaching classes to overcome their weakness. The offline coaching classes have their share of pros and cons. In present times, the advent of online coaching classes has been gaining enormous popularity as they are delivering their services at your doorsteps. But, still, the sincere and deserving candidate who has been consistent in their student life and have prepared well holds the brightest of cracking this exam through SSC Coaching Durgapur.    

    3. Burning mid-night oil is mandatory for success
    The concept of “burning mid-night oil” for success in examination is the biggest myth, which should be busted. For good strategically planned preparations, the students should devote 5 to 6 studying hours daily with a plan to compete the entire syllabus in limited time. There is no need to stress your mind with sleepless nights by studying in mid night hours, as many of students believe that it’s the right time to concentrate and study, which is completely wrong. You should select your studying hours, as per your convenience so that you can study well with full understanding of concepts. Besides these facts, you should have sound sleep of 8 hours daily, so that you can memorize and recollect all the studied concepts properly.

    4. Mathematics and English are very difficult sections for average students
    Among the most popular myths, there is a myth that Mathematics and English Language section are very difficult to crack for average students. The subject of Mathematics and English Language section are sub-divided into various sections and every section has its share of importance. It is advised to read and learn the strategy to crack questions on these topics with full understanding. In English section, your grammar and vocabulary knowledge will be of great help to you. In Mathematics, do improvise on your calculating speed and learn all the important methods, formula, theorems and shortcuts to solve questions. You can take extra coaching for these subjects through offline or online coaching classes.

    5. High Cut-Offs is big discouraging factor
    Every year, the cut-offs are increasing, as predicted by the sporadic rise in competitive and the numbers of aspirants. It should be no concern to you, if you have prepared well and are confident enough to crack the exam. You should also plan a strategy to attempt question paper on exam day. After understanding the exam pattern, do start with easiest question and move towards mediocre to difficult questions. It will enhance your speed of answering and will boost your chances of success. Do attempt maximum online mock tests, as nowadays competitive exams are held online and get better Coaching for SSC CHSL Exam 2019.

    In the end, we will say, let not get discouraged by negative thoughts or myths but move progressively towards your goal with positive approach.

    All the best!!!

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