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    Requisite Skills to Join Data Science Jobs in India : Digitech Hub

    With the world of technology, operations and business processes entering the era of big data, there is an increasing demand for data storage, and at the same time, there is a growing need for data processing. Thus, enters the concept of Data Science here, which has become an essential requirement in the field of IT and enterprising industries. Thus, in India, Data Science jobs are considered as one of the upcoming careers for young professionals.

    What Are Data Science Jobs?
    Data Science is a multidisciplinary subject. It includes scientific methods, algorithm development, different methods for data processing and inference, technology and systems to extract insights from various sources of data in various forms. The objective is to solve analytically complex problems. Data Science jobs involve gathering, organizing, and analyzing data and extracting information through different techniques and theories to come to a solid conclusion. A data scientist is required in businesses to government institutions to non-profit organizations to IT and other industries for sorting, interpreting, and applying data for a wide range of purposes.

    Educational Qualification for Data Science Jobs
    To apply for Data Science jobs, the minimum educational requirement is to be graduate, with specialization in Maths, Statistics, Computer Science, IT or any related field. Some colleges offer a course in Data Science, which of course is a better choice if you want to pursue a career in this field. Candidates with Masters’ degree in Data Science or related field and candidates with experience obviously have better chances of growth in this field.

    The Requisite Skills to Join in Data Science Jobs
    As already mentioned, Data Science is a multidisciplinary subject. Candidates, besides the educational qualification, should possess a blend of skills to do well in the job. The requisite skill sets to do well in Data Science jobs are as follows:

    Mathematics & Statistics Skills
    Yes, you need to have both Mathematics and Statistics skills. Candidates to join in Data Science jobs need to have interest as well as in-depth knowledge in Mathematics for data extracting and presenting. It’s a quantitative technique to correlate data in data science. Statistics is also important but its requirement is essential for a small part of data extracting as compared to Mathematics.

    Creative and innovative in technology skills
    To be eligible for Data Science jobs, data scientists should also be expert technology experts in using technical skills with creativity and innovation and find clever solutions to problems. They also need to integrate with complex data systems. At times, a data scientist is also referred as a data science hacker as he or she has the ability to break down complex problems and re-structure them in ways that are easily solvable.

    Strong Business Skills
    In order to do well in Data Science jobs, candidates should also possess strong business acumen and be a skillful business consultant. Data scientists are bound to learn a lot from various types of data as they work so closely with data all the time. Hence, they should be able to strategize, implement and analyze data to solve core business problems, which work for the benefit of the businesses. Hence, they should have strong business influence.
    Programming skills
    Data Science jobs require expertise in programming languages. Candidates should have knowledge and skills on programming languages and software like as Python Coding, Hadoop platform, SQL Database/Coding, Apache Spark, Machine Learning etc. They should have knowledge on various Supervised and Unsupervised learning algorithms.

    Data Visualization

    Knowledge of Data visualization is very essential in Data Science jobs. As a vast amount of data is produced frequently in the business world, this data needs to be transformed into a format that is easy to understand. Hence, the candidates should have adequate knowledge on the use of various visualization tools like as Kibana, Tableau, Data wrapper, and Google Charts so as to grasp the insights quickly to help solve business problems quickly.

    Data Ingestion

    Last but not least, candidates in Data Science jobs should have skills in data ingestion. This is the process of transferring, loading, importing and processing data for future use or storage in a database. Candidates should have the knowledge of using Data Ingestion tools like as Apache Flume, Apache Sqoop etc. 

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