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    Reasons for Increase in the Cut-off of SSC CGL Exponentially

    Staff Selection Commission (SSC), is a Government agency which provides maximum Government job opportunities to the graduates. Likewise, SSC CGL examination is the most sought competitive exam which is now targeted by graduate of every stream. The number of aspirants is increasing every year and so does the cut-off of SSC CGL exam. It implies that job seekers of Government jobs are increasing exponentially every year. Firstly, let us examine, How SSC CGL Tier-I cut-off score is finalized by SSC? There are five important factors which are taken into considerations and these factors are:- 
    1. The total number of aspirants appearing in the examination
    2. The total number of issued vacancies for that particular year
    3. The total number of issued vacancies region-wise for that particular year
    4. The complexity level of the exam
    5. The trends for past three years SSC CGL cut-off
    Now, let us scrutinize and discuss the reasons behind the sporadic increase in the cut-off of SSC CGL exam in last few years.
    1. The students who have prepared well for UPSC exams but have failed to qualify are applying in big numbers for SSC CGL exam. As they have prepared well, it will be easier for them to crack many questions easily, which may look difficult to other candidates. The completion level has deteriorated for these candidates as they will score better than other candidates.
    2. The private sector jobs are not delivering job satisfaction to its employees. Therefore, there are many candidates from private sectors who are applying for a future in Government jobs. The numbers is increasing every year. Similarly, there are also many aspirants who aim for dignified jobs like inspector or audit officer level and assistance or inspector level job in any Government department. Even, they are huge in numbers and so they prepare well for SSC CGL exam and score appreciably in every section and stage of the selection process.
    3. With the advent of online coaching classes, the level of understanding among aspirants has also increased appreciably. The world of internet has further opened many doors of knowledge and information for them. It has increased the number of online coaching institutes in India. The average aspirant scores well in SSC CGL exam, because of systematic and planned preparation strategy, offered by these recognized online institutes through SSC Coaching Durgapur.
    4. We are living in a world where social media and internet has taken our lives to a different level. Now, there is awareness for SSC CGL, which was missing few years back, all thanks to the media sources where aspirants can seek relevant information about any competitive exam including SSC CGL exam. It has generated consciousness among aspirants to strive for better job opportunities, which are provided by SSC conducted recruitment drives. So, it has risen bar of performance to highest level, even for a mediocre student.
    5. According to statistics of appearing candidates, it has been observed that there are substantial numbers of jobless engineers who are applying for SSC CGL exam. Now, this may sound strange, but it’s truly a harsh fact there are less job vacancies for a qualified engineer in job market. SSC CGL exam seems to be a platform where they can strive hard for secured Government job with good salaries and incentives. The engineering graduates are supposedly good in analyzing and calculating, so they must be having no difficulty in cracking even the most complicated questions from Quantitative Aptitude and Mathematics section. As they are good in their academic qualifications, so you can expect them to perform better in English Language section and General Awareness section too. There are graduates from esteemed institutes like IIT, CA and ICWA who are also attracted to this exam. Every candidate might have their own reason but every candidate dreams of settling down in his hometown with secured job.
    6. The other reason can be migration from other state to home town city. The candidates who feel homesickness in their professional life might compete in SSC CGL to get a placement of job in his hometown. You can find that candidates from almost every state applying for this exam. The number of aspirants is increasing and so does the craze of procuring Government job among graduates is increasing every year.
    We hope that you have thoroughly understood the reasons behind the exponential rise in the cut-off marks in SSC CGL exam. It’s time to be more serious now to crack SSC CGL exam 2019, as now the level of competition has risen to its extreme heights.

    All the Best!!!

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