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    Ideal Tips to Prepare for Quantitative Section for Arts Graduates Appearing for SSC EXAMS

    While competing in SSC exams, you are revisiting all the Mathematics chapters which you have studied thoroughly in school.  It can prove to be an uphill task for Arts Graduates but aspirants must understand the fact that Mathematics section has always proved consequential in every SSC competitive exams. To be precise, SSC CGL Tier-II exam can prove to be very tough for Arts Graduates, as it involves developed and advance concepts and requires thorough understanding and practice. It is believed that Arts Graduate have good analyzing capacity as well as mugging up capacity. Besides these positive aspects, they have the quality of retaining data but still you have to complete the entire syllabus to make your chances brighter in SSC exams.    

    In this article, we will discuss important tips for Arts Graduate to master Mathematics section.
    The whole syllabus of Mathematics can be divided into arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry and Mensuration. As you have good mugging up capacity, it is advised that you should mug up all the theorems of Geometry and formulas of Mensuration. In Geometry, circle is the most important part and therefore you should remember all the theorems and formulae relate to it. In Mensuration topic, you should focus on two dimensional and three dimensional figures. Because of your good analyzing nature, you can develop the ability of drawing and understanding diagrams, charts and graphs. So, it’s clear that Geometry and Mensuration can be your big scoring sections, so work hard on it. The questions from these sections have always been asked every year and so start your preparations with these two sections.

    In SSC exams, questions have been often repeated times from previous year papers. Therefore, do refer and practice previous year papers to get an idea of all important questions asked from every topic. You will also be getting an idea of division of marks topic-wise and latest exam pattern. It will also educate you about the difficulty level of questions asked in the exam through SSC CHSL Test Series.

    Being an Arts Graduate, it is presumed that you might not understand logics of various topics and so we advise you to mug up theory and formula. You should always keep in mind that sometimes you are required to know the formula and not logic to solve a problem, so directly apply the formula and get the answer. You should practice and master this skill. Furthermore, we would advise you to finish the theory first and then attempt problems based on it. After finishing any topic chapter-wise, we would advise you to attempt test series to check your understanding level. Do work on your weakness and improvise it.   
    The Arithmetic Section will not pose major problem to you. Its concepts (Profit and Loss, Time and distance, time and work, pipe and cistern, average, alligation and mixture etc) are implemented in daily life. Your good analyzing nature and good common sense can easily understand the difficulty level of question. On contrary, the Trigonometry section can prove to be very challenging for Arts Graduates. It is because trigonometry is all about remembering values and the height and distance problems. The students are required to practice problems well by keeping in mind a wide range of values of sin(), cos() and tan(). Besides this, you have to draw pictures correctly to solve height and distance problems.

    In SSC competitive exams, you have less time to attempt lots of questions. As you have studied lots of concepts, you should also learn shortcuts and tricks to solve problems. In addition, you should develop habit of fast calculating as many problems are solved by your good calculating speed. It will save your time and you can solve maximum correct questions in minimum time. It will enhance your chances of selection. Since, you are facing a completive exam where competitiveness is of highest level, so you should first learn the basics and then try to apply shortcuts. You should not go for the shortcut from the beginning itself but try to learn and understand the basics first. You can consult subject experts, refer to good books and can join online coaching classes to have better understanding of every concept.

    In the end, we must reiterate that Mathematics is one of the most significant sections of SSC Coaching Pala and you should take it very seriously. For Arts Graduates, this is not your comfort zone of studying but you have to apply proper strategy in learning and understanding every topic. If you practice a subject like Mathematics then you can master it. So, prepare well, revise it properly and be determined and confident to face the exam.

    All the best!!!

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