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    Ideal and Result-oriented strategy to qualify SSC CGL 2019-20 in the first attempt

    First thing first, let me tell you friends, hope is not any type of strategy as everybody hopes for big but handful of them achieves. The result oriented strategy is a matter of being different at your efforts and about setting yourself apart from the tough competition. To crack a “hard nut” like SSC CGL exam successfully, you are required to posses 20 percent skills and 80 percent strategy. It implies that you should know your plan to succeed and this plan is referred to as “strategy”. Among all SSC exams, SSC CGL is rated to be most favorite exam as it offers Office Level Posts for the aspiring candidates.

    The sincere aspirants do not wait for the official notifications and keep their preparation going for SSC CGL exam. If we thoroughly examine the length, diversity and enormity of the entire syllabus, we can conclude that an average student will require 4 to 5 months of preparations. The official notification allows only 2 months of preparations so it is important to kick start the preparations before the notifications.

    Now, let us discuss a helpful strategy to prepare for SSC CGL Exam.

    Helpful strategy for SSC CGL EXAM preparation
    1. Before starting your preparations, it is highly advisable to visit the official website of SSC (Staff Selection Commission) for finding out the latest prescribed syllabus for SSC CGL exam.
    2. After visiting the official website, you can list out the details of the syllabus subject-wise. The Tier-I question paper will have four sections and every section is of great importance.
    3. Commonly speaking, the syllabus for SSC CGL exam comprises of topics which have been already studied at Higher Secondary Level. Therefore, it is easier for candidates to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
    4. Subsequently speaking, you can start your preparations with your strongest areas. It will deliver a feel of optimism to your preparations and will keep your morale high. It will lift your spirits to stay consistent and will boost your confidence.
    5. In any competitive exam, the time management skills of candidates plays a fundamental role, as every question paper comes with substantial number of question which are to be solved in restricted time. For instance, according to recent notifications of SSC CGL Tier-I, the timing has been reduced to 60 minutes for 100 questions instead of 80 minutes. So, it is highly advisable that candidates should work meticulously in improving their ability of swiftly answering questions in limited time and get best SSC CGL Test Series.
    6. Generally speaking, in SSC CGL exam, some questions are repeated every year. We should advised candidates to solve previous year question papers carefully. The Tier-I exam is conducted in multiple shifts and there are probabilities that some questions may get repeated through SSC Coaching Bhubaneswar .
    7. There are many students who find Quantitative Aptitude section very tough and challenging. If you want to triumph over this section, the candidates should thoroughly learn, remember and understand all the important formulas and concepts by heart. There are several questions in this section which are directly based on formulas. So, if you apply the correct formula then you can get accurate answer. Do practice it and revise it properly before the exam.
    8. In English Language section, you should master grammar and vocabulary topics properly. You can join online coaching classes to get your basics cleared. Do practice their online mock tests to brush your knowledge. It is one of the scoring sections of this exam.
    9. Every year, the topic of Current Affairs in General Studies section is getting significance. You should always be well-versed with day-today happening worldwide. Therefore, you should list out all important facts, figures, places, persons etc. The information related to Indian Constitution, Sports, Awards, Appointments, Dates, and Summits etc should be logically and methodically studied.
    10. Practice does not make you perfect but its perfect practice which make you an accomplished perfect. Yes, it’s your logically driven preparation strategy coupled with hard work and regular practice which makes you winner in the end. So, it is advisable for you to develop a habit of revising every topic, after its completion and then attempting online mock tests. You should make this a proper schedule of studying and practice it regularly.
    We have underlined significant tips for preparing SSC CGL exam and hope that it will prove to be helpful to you. A good strategy is synonymous to smart work, so believe in it and work hard with systematically applied strategy to get the maximum output from your sincere hard work. The current trend of online coaching classes is garnering popularity because it delivers you best of services at your convenience.

    Believe in your skills and hard work and success will be yours!  

    All the best!!!

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