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    Essential Topics for HINDI LANGUAGE SECTION to Score High in IBPS RRB Mains

    In this article, we will share important preparation tips to prepare for the forthcoming IBPS RRB exam. In this competitive exam, the appearing candidates have been given the option to choose any one of the sections English Language Section or Hindi Language Section to write paper.
    So let us discuss these important tips:-

    Important topics for Hindi Language Preparation
    1. Reading Comprehension
    • From examination point of view, the section of Reading Comprehension is of great significance. The students can expect around 5 to 10 questions from this topic. 
    • In attempting questions from this section, the candidates will be provided with a passage and they are required to answer the questions based on this passage.
    • The candidates are required to go through the questions appropriately and then read the comprehension properly. It will help them in saving their time while answering the asked questions.
    • The candidates should answer the questions after going through the passage properly. You should not assume the answer for any of the questions as the answer lies within the passage.
    1. Fill in the Blanks in sentences
    • In this topic, the candidates can expect around 5 questions. The examiner can ask single or double filer’s questions in the exam.
    • In this topic, the question will be asked in the form of sentence with one or two blanks. You will be provided with some options for the blanks.
    • The candidates are required to pick the appropriate option with regard to the given sentence.
    1. Error Spotting -
    • The topic of Error Spotting is very scoring as you can expect around 5 to 8 questions from it.
    • According to previous year exam pattern, the question will be asked in the form of sentence which will be divided into four parts. The candidates have to spot the error in any of the four parts. There is also a possibility that sentence has no error.
    • If your concepts are clear in Hindi Grammar then you can score handsomely in this topic.
    • The candidates can also be asked to solve new pattern of error spotting questions. But, still, the concepts to solve the questions will remain the same. Therefore, you should read the given instructions properly before answering error spotting questions.
    1. Cloze Test -
    • In Hindi Language Section, the Cloze Test is also asked and around 5 to 10 questions can be asked from it.
    • In this topic, the question will be asked in the form of a passage with some blanks in it. The candidates are required to select the most appropriate option to fill in the blanks.
    • To solve these questions, you should put every option in the blank and look for the most appropriate option which is suiting the theme of the passage.
    1. Para Jumble -
    • The topic of Para Jumble is very scoring as candidates can expect around 5 questions from it.
    • In this topic, the candidates will be given some unarranged sentences and they have to arrange these sentences to form a proper paragraph.
    • You should first try to identify the starting sentence of the given sentences. It will help you in solving the question.
    1. Misspelled Words:
    • In Hindi Language Section, the topic of Misspelled Words can be very scoring, if you have strong word power.
    • The candidates have to identify the correctly spelled word among the given words.
    • If you want to have strong command over this topic then you are required to read Hindi content on daily basis through IBPS RRB Coaching Karimnagar.
    1. Other Important Topics:
    Besides these above-mentioned topics, there are some other significant topics from which questions can be asked in this section. The topics are:-
    • Odd One Out:  The candidates are required to choose that word or sentence which is different from all other words/sentences.
    • Synonyms:  The candidates can be asked synonyms of the words.
    • One word for the phrase:  The candidates can be asked one word for a sentence.
    • Idioms and folklore
    Hindi Language Section Preparation Tips
    • For preparing Hindi language paper, the candidates are required to follow useful books which are prescribed by teachers.
    • The candidates are advised to solve previous years question papers for Hindi section of IBPS PO Test Series.
    • The candidates are required to thoroughly go through Basic Hindi Grammar Books and understand the concepts properly.
    • You are advised to practice some hard word daily and it should be at least 25 words per day. For this exercise, you can download a Hindi Dictionary for consistent practice.
    • The candidates are advised to start reading Hindi Editorial Section of regular Hindi Newspaper on daily basis.
    • You should thoroughly practice Mock Test to analyze your preparation level. It will inform you about your strengths and weaknesses.
    All the Best!!!

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