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    Effective Study Strategy to Prepare for General Awareness for SSC CHSL Exam 2019

    In SSC CHSL exam 2019, the subject of General Awareness will be of great significance. It is one of the scoring subjects of this competitive exam where students can score maximum score, if they prepare well. You have to organize your studying trend to procure maximum knowledge through many sources of information. You should not only rely on the study material provided by the coaching institutes but try to enhance your knowledge everyday by reading daily newspapers, surfing internet, reading books for static GK, watching news channels etc.

    In this article, we would explain out important tips to prepare General awareness section systematically. You should follow it methodically to make the most of your hard work.

     Steps to prepare General Awareness Section of SSC CHSL Exam 2019:
    1. To start with, we should know the fact that SSC repeats its questions every year from set of previous exam papers. The students are required to go through them thoroughly to understand the nature and complexity of the asked questions. It will give you proper idea of the exam pattern and will guide you to prepare important topics through SSC Coaching Pala.
    2. The syllabus of General Awareness is vast and elaborate and so it is important to prepare it systematically to master it. The studied topic should be comprehensively covered before moving towards other topic. You should make a plan to choose the topic and the plan should be like this:-
    -        Science
    -        History, Geography, Polity, Economy
    -        Current Affairs
    -        Other facts related to India.
    1. You should make notes of important information procured from every topic. It will be of great help in referring to them and also will be of great help in revising these topics before the exam.
    2. After making notes, do develop a habit of revising them daily so that you might not forget all the studied concepts before the exam.
    3. In learning static General Knowledge, you should maintain a regular time-table as the data and information will remain the same throughout your life. The daily routine of learning important facts, figures, place, persons, occasions etc will lessen your burden of grasping a bundle of information in the last stages of preparation.
    4. To make your preparation effective and successful, you should prefer online coaching classes of reputed institute where you can attempt maximum online test series to master the topics. It will help you in analyzing your performance and will help you in strengthening your weaknesses.
    5. You should always be mentally alert in procuring information and news about latest current affairs. It has been observed that in exams, current affairs of last 6 to 12 months from the date of exams are precisely covered. So, keep a track of it and make a list of it, and learn them by heart. Do revise them daily.
    6. You should make maximum use of internet by referring to useful websites which will be helpful to you in procuring information about latest events, news and happenings. You might come across some unique or typical information which can lend you extra support in answering difficult questions. You might also get to solve interesting quizzes which might prove to be brain teaser for you.
    For many students, the section of General Awareness might prove to be too easy. But, we would advise you not to take it lightly or casually, as you might lose big opportunity to score handsomely. It is one of the most scoring sections of the recruitment drive, so prepare it very well with proper strategy. You can refer to many important books for static GK. We would advise to be mentally alert and keep a track of latest current affairs, which will surely give you a comprehensive knowledge about every studied topic in this section.

    The revision stage should also be systematically planned where your notes will be of great help. So, don’t work without a proper strategy but work on these above-mentioned tips which will be of great help to you in exam and get specific SSC CHSL Test Series.

    Work hard, Prepare well and be Successful!

    All the best!!!

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