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    Tips to Qualify IBPS PO Prelims Without Coaching

    There is a myth that we cannot crack bank exams without the help of coaching institute. Yes, we can crack these exams without the support of coaching institute but our preparations demands systematically designed time-table, great efforts, learning skills, lots of hard work and accurate time management tactics. We must remember that the syllabus of IBPS PO Prelims exam is very intricate, extensive and comprehensive in nature. So, we should plan a proper time-table of studying, practicing and revising all the topics before the exam. In addition, there should also be a well-compiled strategy to revise the entire syllabus with the help of mock tests and quizzes.
    1. Use shortcuts and smart methods to solve questions
    In IBPS PO Prelims exams, the rate of solving maximum questions correctly is the deciding factor for your selection. So, it is important to use shortcuts and smart methods to solve questions rather than relying on old conventional methods of solving questions. The questions of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language sections are of 10th standard level but that does not mean that we should use textbook methods of solving questions. It will be time-consuming affair and can kill your prospects of cracking exams. So, learn shortcuts and smart methods of solving questions. 
    1. Practice Hard to become perfect
    The topics of IBPS PO Prelims are complicated and tricky at times, and, so you should practice them harder to become perfect in it. The topics are so intricate that they demands lots of understanding of basics. You should learn the basics properly and try to practice hard with previous year papers through Bank Coaching Dehradun.

     3 Speed of answering the questions accurately
    Time Management Skills is the soul factor to crack any competitive exam. You should develop a habit of solving questions accurately in restricted time. If you practice this regularly then it will make you conscious of the exam pattern and time management in exam. Therefore, the speed of answering questions accurately plays a pivotal role in your success. Do work on your calculation speed and try to improvise it by practicing questions.
    1. Awareness about Cut-Off marks
    To crack computer based online IBPS PO Prelims exam, the aspirant has to qualify sectional as well as overall cut-off marks. In many cases, there are candidates who clear sectional cut-off but fail to clear overall cut-off and vice-versa and fail to qualify. This is the general mistake which many students make and so you should be aware of this fact, before appearing for the exam.
    1. Attempt adequate number of mock tests
    After completing any topic, you should first attempt quizzes based on it and then attempt mock tests. You should not directly jump to mock tests as you might lose confidence if you fail to score well. After mastering topics and attempting quizzes with success, do attempt adequate number of mock tests to analyze your preparations and abilities to perform in the exam. It will also aware you of the exam pattern and time management in the exam.
    1. Accurate Analysis of previous year papers
    The aspirants should thoroughly analysis previous year papers and learn about the difficulty level of the questions. They should also learn about the cut-off of the previous exam. You are required to solve previous year papers with full understanding and awareness to understand the exam pattern and difficulty level of the questions.
    1. Analyze your weakness and work on it
    The students might face common difficulties like sluggish calculation speed in any specific topic of mathematics. It is a common problem and so do try to overcome it properly. If you attempt mock tests properly then you can list out your weaknesses. Do stress hard on the basics and fundamentals as some problems tests your basics, so prepare your basics well.
    1. Proper Time-Table for Revision
    While doing revision, you should study and practice every topic properly with a systematically planned time-table. The role of revision plays a significant role. It’s a time to recollect all the studied concepts and try to master it with your understanding skills. You should not confuse yourself by studying new concepts in your revision phase of preparations.

    In this article, we have analytically described tips to prepare for IBPS PO Prelims without the help of coaching institute. Self-studying is the best form of studying but it should be supported with proper guidance, good IBPS Clerk study material and strategic skills of preparations.  

    All the Best!!!

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