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    Ideal Tips to Score Well in English Language Section of SSC CGL Exam 2018

    English Language is playing a significant part in every sphere of our lives. It is an internationally approved language worldwide and has been an effective source of education, information, knowledge and business in our country. Therefore, English language is considered to be a very important and noteworthy section for all Government job exams such as IBPS PO, SSC CGL etc. In every esteemed organization or institution, English language proves to be effective catalyst working in its functioning because it works as an effective communication skill which further helps a person in acquiring a respectable designation in the organization. Therefore it becomes essential to enrich the skills of English speaking, vocabulary and writing skills in oneself. Thus, it becomes necessary to prepare and learn English grammar, vocabulary, phrases which will then help in acquiring creative and literary skills, helping in making one noticeable among others in the crowd.

    There are some helpful ways to develop English skills which will help in Government sector exams preparation but will also be useful in other spheres of life through SSC Courses.

    1. Firstly, start reading a good English Newspaper, as it will be a stepping stone for all new learners. The Hindu is an ideal option as it covers all type of topics which are visibly seen in almost all the government exams especially in English GK Section. The regular practice of reading English Newspaper will improve your English grammar, vocabulary, creative skills and general awareness. Furthermore, it will enhance in boosting your morale and self-esteem and will give you hints to forward your ideas and thoughts in most logical ways. This mode of learning and understanding will cover more than 10 to 20% of your English preparations for the competitive exams.

    2. Secondly, buy a comprehensive study material for English language and always keep it at your disposal. The study material should provide a complete guide for English asked in all competitive exams. It must include sufficient set of practice questions. In case, you run short of time to read the entire chapter then it is important to make some quick notes of the rules mentioned. These prescribed general English rules will able to make you solve almost 70–80 % of the questions which are generally asked in the exam. Make notes and revise them on daily basis and practice questions which are based on rules. It is important that you should work maximum on “Spot the Error” exercises to master the rules.

    3. Thirdly, buy or download an “Oxford English Dictionary” from Google Play Store App and try to refer it in desired situations. Oxford Dictionary is considered to be best and reliable dictionary as it is strongest source of building vocabulary skills in oneself. While reading newspaper, keep it aside and it will give you surprised improvement in your vocabulary within few weeks. Furthermore, it will also help you to learn Antonym, Synonym, reading comprehension, one word type questions either directly or indirectly.

    4. Fourthly, make an effective usage of your smart phone and Download a dictionary app and a grammar app. Refer it frequently, even in your leisure time, as it will improve, enhance and boost your vocabulary.

    5. Fifthly, try to develop a habit of reading an English novel or book for at least one hour a day. To make learning a fun, try reading a fiction novel, as it will make you more creative, imaginary and knowledgably enriched person. On the other hand, reading a non-fiction article or book, will enrich your knowledge with loads of facts, figures and places and will thus improvise your literary English skills. So, try to read all types of English novels and books to effectively improve your English language skills.

    6. Lastly speaking, you can use some unconventional ways to learn and master the language by making a chart of all English rules and paste it on a wall in your study room. This will help you to learn and revise them in easiest possible way. This method can also be used for Direct-Indirect narration, Active- Passive rules, difficult vocabulary, Phrasal verbs, Idioms etc. I sincerely hope that my simplistically modest ways will be enlightening factors and a helping hand in nurturing and sharpening your English language skills.

    Do follow them sincerely to get sure shot success in your forthcoming competitive exams. Though one can get the same guidance through joining a video course or SSC Coaching in Chennai or a reputed one nearby your location, yet by knowing it yourself you will always be self aware and practice them religiously. All the best!!!!

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