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    Tips to Achieve a Good Band in IELTS

    IELTS awards score in the name of band where 6 to 8 band score is considered to be the best. One can easily score band 6 but to achieve band 8 one has to work hard and practice a lot. There are some tips to follow to enhance the score these are:
    1. Know the test pattern before starting the exam preparation.
    2. Understand the test format and the types of questions asked in the IELTS test.
    3. There are three types of tests in the test namely, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Tests.
    4. Buy question bank of previous year IELTS Tests and attempt them by keeping the timer on. Follow the time limit as given in the test and manage the time accordingly to give justice to all the sections.
    5. Devote one hour to attempt Reading and Writing test and 40 minutes for Listening. Speaking test is conducted for 15 minutes only so give a practice by monitoring the respective time limit to learn the time management for IELTS Test.
    6. Understand the marking scheme used to award scores for the answers. In listening and reading section points are given for every correct answer where as in speaking and writing the points will be based on the examiner’s observation through IELTS Coaching Institute in Jalandhar. No negative marking is done in IELTS therefore it is advisable to attempt all the questions.
    7. Know your language proficiency in English and improve it to reach the level required for IELTS test.
    8. Target your band score and practice accordingly. Practice mock tests regularly and improve your weaknesses.
    9. To achieve the targeted band always judge your language skills and improve on it.
    10. In case of any doubts take guidance from the well qualified subject expert to give you the right direction. Hope these tips will help you score high in IELTS test. Follow the same and get the positive outcomes to get the targeted band score.

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