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    Which Best Nightlife Bars You Should Choose for Hangout?

    Over the last few years, the nightlife in Gurgaon has drastically changed. Talking about the corporate people or college student who has a lot to do but due to little money in hand, they don’t know where to spend. So, in this case, Gurgaon will not disappoint you people in order to have pocket-friendly drinking options available. There are numbers of bars and pubs available in Gurgaon where you can eat and drink as much as you can. 

    So, if you are specifically looking for pocket-friendly bars in Gurgaon where you can hang out with your friends and colleagues at a minimal price, then below are some of the best bars which are pocket-friendly:    

    1.  Agent’s Jack Bidding Bar:

    A must visit bar! This is located in the food hub of Gurgaon in sector 29. The price of drinks starts from INR 40 per drink and provides amazing offers. It also has unique features of selling points; there come completely different characteristics known as Agent Jack. You have to select the drink from the given list and bid against it to involve a battling session with Agent Jack.

           2.  Warehouse CafĂ©:

    This place has become one of the best 5 destinations to hang out which is located in sector 29. The price of beer starts from INR 85 per glass. This is a very affordable price. The bar serves fresh German beer with the addition to the new molecular menu. This bar also offers events which you should not miss!

          3.     My Bar Headquarters:

    This is the most famous place for hangout in Delhi which has now finally come to Gurgaon. If you are music and dance lover then this is the perfect place for you as they provide live music and DJ nights. Along with this, it caters good food and drinks which will make your weekend perfect. They offer drinks at a very affordable price. So, do visit this bar.

    When we talk about the best bars at pocket-friendly cost, then Noida is the place which comes to our mind. This place offers a large number of bars for party lover. So, have a look with some of the best bars in Noida at an affordable price.

    1.     Noida Bar Exchange:
    This is the trendiest bar located in DLF Mall of India. In this bar, you can bid for your drinks. The price of the drinks varies according to the popularity of your drinks. You can also play some of the arcade game which they have when you want to take a break.

    2.     The Smoke Factory:
    One of the cool bars located in Noida. This serves Chinese, Italian as well as north India food at a very cheap price. You can enjoy the food and music by sitting on the rooftop.

    3.     Barrack 62:
    This is another place to hang out and you will find very decent light and colorful mood there. They provide very comfortable seating so you won’t face any problem. They serve great food and drinks. The ambience is quite lively. So, don’t miss a chance to visit there.

    Now, by going through the above-mentioned bars you guys now won’t find any difficulties in visiting there. There are numbers of best bars in Gurgaon which offers a great deal in serving drinks and food. And if you are living in Noida, then there are also large numbers of best bars in Noida which is perfect for chilling. 

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