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    Top 7 Frequent Oracle DBA Jobs Interview Question Answers

    Oracle Database interview Question Answer
    Expansion in the world of technology is rapidly increasing and it is very important to learn new things, technology, and skills. Learning not only increases your knowledge but also helps in overall development. In the present times, there is a high demand for computer jobs and Oracle Database Administration Jobs are one of its extended fields. It is essential for getting a better understanding of the database through the learning. Either fresher or experienced employees, all are welcomed in this sector.

    The first thing you do is to gather information about the job while choosing it as a career option. Oracle Database Administrators are the ones who specialize in Oracle database. They maintain, administer, and develop the policies and procedures for ensuring the integrity and security of the database. Getting hired by these companies is the dream of much fresher. If you are planning to grab the opportunity, so be prepared for the interview. An interview is a key to enter the world of Oracle jobs. First, you have to ace the interview in order to get hired by the companies which you like. The questions can be categorized into basic questions like your behavior, salary and future prospects. Technical category of the related field is also included. An interview is basically a process of building up the relation between employee and employer.

    Here, is the list of question answers which gives you an idea of the type of questions may be asked:

    Q1. Tell us about yourself?

    Ans. This is the most frequent question in an interview. Start answering by describing yourself such as your name, educational qualification and mention your experience if any. A candidate must describe the point of your desired profile in the relevant field.

    Q2. What is Oracle Database?

    Ans. An Oracle database is a collection of data. Its primary function is to retrieve and store related information.

    Q3. What are the roles and responsibilities of DBA?

    * Regularly performs a routine test to ensure the proper working
    * Install and upgrade server
    * Maintain our SQL process

    Q4. What are the skills required?

    * Knowledge of database and operating system
    * Good communication skills
    * Good analytical skills and problem-solving attitude

    Q5. What are the different types of database objects?

    * TABLES

    Q6. What is the difference between a database and an instance?

    Ans. The database is the set of files where application data and Metadata is stored whereas an instance is software that Oracle uses to manipulate the data.

    Q7. Why should we hire you for the desired position?

    Ans. Your hiring depends mainly on this type of question. Answer the question in a way that the recruiter is forced to hire you. Make them believe that you are the best option for the vacant position. Mention your skills and capabilities which will help the firm in the future.

    These are the question answers which help you consider Oracle DBA Jobs in the Philippines as a career option. By practicing these you are able to ace the interview. Numerous questions are available online for your convenience. Books available in the market provide complete training to candidates who have applied for these jobs. So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing for the interview and avail your opportunity.

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    Author bio: Arpana Sharma is a passionate content writer who writes articles related to jobs and career opportunities in various profile. She also writes about varied topics such as tourist spots, temples and loves to explore them.

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