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    Do You Know the Meaning of the Key F1-F12 in Computer Keyboard?

    In every computer keyboard, there is a function key from F1-F12. Do you know the uses of that function keys?
    If you don't know, Let's read and learn the uses of that key..
    meaning of the key F1-F12 in computer keyboard
    F1: If you press this key, When you will Power ON the computer, there will be computer setup. You can check and change the setting of your computer here.

    F2: You can Rename any file in the Window Operating System using this key. Also, you can view the print preview of the file in Microsoft word.

    F3: You can open the search dialog box in a window using this key, through which you can search any file or folder. Also, in MS-DOS previous command will be retype again.

    F4: When pressing this key in Microsoft Word, the previous work is repeated, as the word that was typed first will be done again, the word that has been bold will be done again, etc.

    F5: More use of this key is to refresh or reload. You can also use this key to start the slide show in MS-PowerPoint.

    If you press F6 key, the content of the open folder in window will be visible. Instead of this, you can view the number of document in MS-Word one by one.

    F7:  It will check the spelling of any word after pressing this key in MS-Word.

    F8: In MS-Word, this key is to be used to select the text.

    F9: It is used to send or receive e-mails in Microsoft Outlook. With the help of this, in  many new laptops, the brightness of the screen can also be controlled.

    F10: While working in any software, the menu opens as soon as it is pressed. Apart from this, it works as a right click of the mouse when pressing F10 with Shift (Shift+F10).

    F11: This is used to make full screen views in Internet Browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome).

    F12: By pressing this into Microsoft Word, the option of Save As opens. Pressing F12 with Shift (Shift+F12) will save the Microsoft file.

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